Saturday, 15 October 2011

style alert : sheer blouses

hello ugly beautiful

wow-zers havent posted on here for awhile. now i will explain why... 
as you all know i've just started my college which is a boarding school with houses etc but if you don't know what this is - its basically HOGWARTS with unfortunately no magic. you have the different houses the dining hall with the four long tables the original oak furnishings , a chapel and all the rest of it. so as you can see as the school contains everything you can tell the work need is heavy duty so naturally i have had ZERO free time to write posts n here. not to mentions the exams and assessments ive just had!

but now i have just under 2 weeks off so i'm making the most of them by relaxing when i can and typing up posts on here. so here is a post about sheer blouses- as you can tell by then title. now what i've found with them is that they are available in a variety of colours and also have a few selected prints aswell.

so here i have picked out a couple of my favourites.

so here is a long nude blouse which i love it is from farfetch it has two main layers one dark so you cant see your bra underneath then a flowey out layer to add a hint of elegance. love this blouse you can get it HERE

this is a black sheer blouse form topshop and so i found out you cannot find this particular one in-store its only online which i wasnt chuffed about. but i love the panelling on this one and the face it has long sleeves and darker black cuffs. i love this piece so versatile and will never go out of style. you can get it HERE and it costs £32 pounds - which is an average price of this particular styled item

 again this is another sheer blouse from topshop. one thing you have to consider with this particular item is sizing. as ive found some are either to baggy at the front or good but too tight on the arms so i recommend trying them on before buying. so i found out at the store. i love this one for the gold button detailing it just makes this piece a little bit more formal and more luxe - get more information on this top HERE !

lastly here is an alternative one from warehouse which is a bit of an oddball of the trend as it features a peep hole and bow sheer material which does elongate which can make you look like you have a male part *you know what im on about* between your legs so if you do go for this one make sure either to tuck in the excess ribeens of double knot the bow. i lvoe this particular one for the top half and central detailing either side of the button fastening area- never seen this before and i honestly lvoe it. you can get more information on this top HERE . but be warned due to all the fancy features this top rakes in at £50!

So what do you think of these blouses - which one took your fancy?
i'd love to know in a comment below


Thursday, 25 August 2011

what i'm loving : scarves - and a update.

its eloise checking in with you again for another post.
[ will be an eloise update at the end of this post ]
so i thought id be interesting to share with you what i been loving lately and this has been scarves. now i dont understand why but i dont own many scarves i have two so i plan to get some more at a later date. but anyway i think scarves are such a statement in your wardrobe - but what i have really been loving is wearing scarves in your hair like a headscarf or a turb-band which is a different way of wearing them ( sort of abit boho ish ) . so ive been trying to track some and i have my grandma on the case looking for some as she used to own some so she's looking for them for me - what a lovel'y 

so here are some scarves i have picked out from highstreet stores which i thought you may like so you can be cosy for this autumn winter. there will be links to the websites they are from so you can go directly to the ones you like with no fuss - aren't i so kind! 

So which one is your favourite ?

001 Update - so this is my personal little update which some of you may find interesting . . . had my minor op today on my foot - wasnt immensely pleasant not going to go into details but the burning was the worst part of the procedure which i had done without anestetic on one of them was bloody aweful but i sat through it nevertheless until i got to the car i had a little sob about it - now ive been told i must walk on my foot directly and should keep renewing bandage and that so currently got my foot up typing this post and hopefully i will be healed in a few days - perfect timing so everything will be perfect for my holiday when i'm going to italy *hurrah*

if you want to talk to me fell free to follow me on twitter and tell me what your username is in a comment below as i wont be able to see your tweets unless i follow you back and then we can talk as i love talking to all of you lovelies so much - can't wait to tweet to you soon. 


Thursday, 11 August 2011

navaho shoes on office - the costly trend.

so i was looking for some shoes for my new school- long story when this brand caught my eye 'navaho' on the office website. they specialise in native american inspired shoes and to me they are simply stunning. i love the colour scheme on the shoes and the cut of them if you will . i have picked my favourite ones out from the website. but to me there is a major downside to this brand - the price. ususally im quite generous and will allow a little over £25 max for general wear shoes but the top two beauties are £45 . which to me is silly money. as they hardly are cleanable material as they are suede and will mark easily so i dont see how they can be that much moeny. i suppose that what make a label a label - the heafty price tag.

i love the natural colour scheme on these and the fabric design on the front of them - they will add some vintage flair to any cool toned outfit worn. in plain english 'they're gorggeous'

these shoes also come in a darker colour scheme which i'm also loving

so this is the same shoe type as above but in a darker colour scheme. i love the blue and orange hues together looks so pretty. this pair will be harder to wear outifr wise but on the plus side they are less likely to show marks or dirtyness because of the deep colouring - still beautiful all the same.

i'm a sucker for these type of shoes and so i was immediately drawn into these shoes. when i first saw them they reminded me of somehting luna's dad would wear in harry potter 'sorry to all the magic haters . i LOVE harry potter and so i will talk about it as much as i would like. anyway i love the detailing on these and these shoes are so unique if only they was MUCH CHEAPER they'd be awesome. i think primark should do these shoes like these in the stores they'd be a huge hit with everyone.

its a shame because i really LOVE these shoes so much but due to my new school clothes + sportswear ( i had to buy 4 different pairs of trainers formy school - stupid restrictions and multitude of sporting activites)  i dont have the spare cash and ' i need a dollar dollar - a dollar is what i need' and a little more to be able to buy these autumn foot delights. such a shame . . .

what do you think of the shoes and the matching price?


Friday, 5 August 2011

trend alert : a passion for lace on Lanvin A/W 2011

taa dah.
i'm back with a post to you all about lace. this trend got its heritage from the minute Catherine Middleton stepped out of the car at West Minister Abbey in a Sarah Burton's exquisite wedding dress. with an imposing train detailed with  intricate appliques with hints of lace which cascaded down the piece. and this is what created the love affair of lace. 

now this affair was endorsed and re-created on the runway to fit the autumn winter trends. in this post i will be showing you how lace trend was incorporated on the Lanvin runway. i have picked out my favourite pieces and explain to you why i like them. 

i found this particular runway the lace detailing was particularly featured on very heavy-lace shifts - although there was the odd exception to the rule with some feminine lace cuts which were carefully applied  in a minimalistic view.

this is by far my favourite lace incorporated look from the runway as it is all entirely lace the way the shoulders have been roached in a waterfall manor it just stunning. finished off with some tribal inspired jewellery and some minimal leather boots and gloves. gorgeous although you wont be seeing me wearing that anytime soon.

next up is this gothic edgy piece. which features a turtle neck if you will incorporated into the dress - long time no see on Lanvin runway. a classic shift dress but with a twist with a single layer of lace to be sleeves and a classic leather belt to cinch in the waist and to sculpt to the wearers figure. a more wearable item out of the runway - i wish i could own .

lastly a certainly over board look to really feature this trend. a full over coat made of lace - lets just wish she doesnt pluck it! as you can tell the lace used in all of the Lanvin runway is circular floral patterns which luckily for us has easily been merged into hughstreet items aka topshop's latest lace crop tops feature this detailing.

Finally to finish off this post i wanted to show you the make-up looks used on the runway and also the hair trend which all the models had. 

the makeup as you can see a quick messy smokey eye with a marl grey and black eyeshadow messily applied in the signature 'box shape' from the outer third of the lid to the crease and finally blended out towards the end of the brows to really open the eye. then the rest of the makeup is minimal to balance the face with suspected a neutral pink lipstick like angel from m.a.c dabbed onto the lips and blotted for a wash of colour.

“We wanted the girls to look like they’d done the makeup themselves. To that end, masacra was applied (and re-applied) to each girl’s lashes, so that they’d look ‘cloggy and clumpy’ the makeup is not at all perfect—it’s all about imperfection.” said the stylist


Redken wool shake 08 Gel slush texturizer was used to roughen the hair to create an intentionally thick hair. this was then messily combed back and all the hair was plaited , but then leaving about a 2 inch tip of unbraided hair. any loose parts were shaken and simply left as the whole idea was imperfection is beauty - and indeed it was beautiful.

“We’ve downplayed very glamorous clothes with a very easy hairstyle. Alber [Elbaz, Lanvin designer] wanted ease and femininity, so we did a very soft, very simple, very girly braid.” says the stylist.

So what do you think of the Lanvin runway? Are you LOVING IT or LEAVING IT let me know in a comment below.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

trend alert : the high slit skirt

*neee nawh nee nawh*
trend alert- the sky high slit.
Skirt - Asos £25

wow what a stunning look I’m sure you will agree.we’ve already been through the trend of the maxi skirt but now both designers and highstreet have added their own touch to this look by …. adding a slit to it. simple but yet effective.perfect for summer if you ask me making your legs more visible and letting a draft in …not so great in you live in the cooler countries *hint hint* uk you suck.

With this trend its not only for day wear it can be incorporated into an evening dress like this one has been done before but that’s why the clever people who think of these trend haven’t just gone for one slit in the skirt oh no they were more cool than that.

In some scenarios they’ve added two. To make it extra new and clever.don't over do it  highstreet please?!

So you’re wondering how can I achieve this look? Well lucky for you I have listed where the first killer skirt is from which is pictured in the photo above so you can wear this sure to tell me which one you like the best -day or night slit skirt look or both  if you cant decide .let me know in a comment below.

so what do you think of this trend are you loving or leaving this trend. like this post with the icon below if youre loving or leave a comment below to tell me of your decision. love to hear your thoughts on it.


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fashiolista final - i need you all more than ever.

hello my lovelies.
so i cannot thank-you all enough i have made it through to the finals of the fashiolista contest and its all down to you so thank-you so much! but now i need you more than ever. it all relies down to the final votes on the link HERE . i need you all and your friends if you wouldn't mind to vote for me on there as this will decided the final winner. id really appreciate it if you voted and you would spread the word about the finals and voting for myself. 

so once again thank-you and f you like this look in the image below please vote for it. it would mean the world to me and more. i am contestant number five under the name SimplyNaturale. Please vote it wouldnt take up your time and super easy to do and would really make my day. thankyou in advance.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Chanel Ready To Wear Spring Summer Collection - Part 1

its designer time!
Today i am going to be writing a post about the Chanel Ready To Wear Spring Summer Collectiomn for Spring/Summer 2011 . As you all know fashion season are so early in the years as summer is released in winter and vise versa. As this runway was actually made on October the 5th 2010- for this year's summer 2011. Very organised and ahead of schedule if you ask me.

But strikes me about this runway at Paris Fashion Week is that all not all just like the pastels. Its nice to see that black is back in summer with hints and graduated colour from a simple chiffon overlay to a detailed frock. I feel this particular runway for SS/11 is the best i've seen yet.

As you can see Karl Lagerfeld ( a german fashion designer)made an appearance on the
I will be two posts on this particular runway one for 'detail and accessories and the other for 'MAIN runway' . As i found there is too much to share with you on this runway so it would be better for me to split it up abit!

Onto the runway...

As you can see its not all pretty pastels and delicate edges summer has gone back to basics with a sharp, surreal edge which invites us all to have a intriguing summer. I love the sharp detailing on this piece and the cutting of the materials which emits sharp but sophisticated! Look as the shoes on this piece they are breath taking and co-ordinate perfectly without being too 'heavy'!

As you can see colour has made an appearance but is subtle and free flowing chiffon which i like which portrays summer is just a season of weather which comes and flows without rules or restriction and is free.Also i love the mix of materials and prints look at the detailing on the bag! It certainly adds 'WOW factor' to the ensemble. Finished off with some black leather dynamic boots and hinting at some biker gloves- what says EDGY more than this ?

Now we are getting towards the more colourful pieces from the runway. This piece is ruffled up to the max with free flowing layers and think printed material with an almost tuxedo folded front which oozes authority.With added 'punch' with a statement necklace which a perfect mid-length cut. Looking effortless this season!

Now here is one of the few pastels on the runway.Showing a more vamped take on the innocent coloured longline dress.What i love most is the ripped detail with has black lace inside.Showing that in all love there is evil and vise versa. Topped off with polished hair and eye popping smokey eyes.

Now what adds summer more than a parasol . This look does truly replicate summer how it should be flowing print material which clashing accessories . What i love about this is the feminine edges with a perfect cut frame to show the shoulder blade which is then taken in for the outer edges having water-falled around her figure. Finished with some minted platformed with ribbon detail!

What is more cute than having a bouncing baby boy on the runway ?! I was immediately in love on how polished they both look quirky and cool in the hot summer heat. The phrase ' like father like son ' comes to mind. Was truly a 'cute' and 'real' edge to fashion - showing you you can be any and every age to enjoy the art of fashion.

Images sourced from Zimbio

Want to see the looks in more detail form accesories to design ?
You wished has been granted in PART 2 of this post!


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fashiolista contest- help me win.

so here is my look for the contest. please you guys i'm in need of your help.all you have to do is simple go on your facebook account (which near enough everyone and their dog has) and like this list at the top right - and thats it. as you all know im in dire need of a camera and with your help i could win a Nikon D5100 which would keep me more than occupied on please if your not  doing alot and have a facebook account like this list for a friend in need. you can click the image above of the facebook icon below this piece of writing to get you to the place you can click .many thanks in advance -keep safe and beautiful. love to you all eloise.

got your brogue feet up?

got your feet up?
The much loved brogue shoes have been revamped!
But do you think this update on the shoes are a bit too much?

Prada have designed some new season brogues for SS11 which have a heafty £510 price tag attached. The media is of the moment are going to new heights over them right now, but personally i'm not their biggest fan.

I can't see myself wearing these shoes. Mixing brogues with trainers soles/platforms is just a tad too much for me to handle. I don't think they look as smart and vintage as the original brogues we are all familiar with.

Like all things once runway has started a trend the highstreet follows so this is what our stores have come up with to follow the 'brogues update'

Topshop + Miss Selfridge Alternatives

As you can see the high-streets version are no-way near and bright as the runways which i like as i'm not a fan of bright colour bursts myself and i generally settle for original staples in my wardrobe.Also i like the fact that topshop have kept the ditsy embossing on the front of the brogue so they still have the same reference as the originals!

What ones do you prefer Runway OR Highstreet?


Monday, 18 July 2011

missing 90210

it's me again.
a little typo post of me explaining that i'm really missing watching 90210 ive seen all of season 3 and was wondering when season 4 is ready as i miss it so much and can't wait to watch to watch the characters in college. so naturally if you know me when i miss something i retrieve a million of photos on the subject i'm missing - so naturally here are my 90210 inspirational pictures.

so i will leave you witht the obvious follow up question- who is your favourite 90210 character and why? would appreciate it if you left a comment below telling me who yours is.

if you were wondering who mine is - first place has to go to annie. i love her style and flair and her character is so honest and loveable and i've found she's developed alot since the beginning and has a willing nature on the show - plus i love her hair! if you want to see a post i've done on shenae grimes click here.

photos retrieved on


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

threadsence - my little wishes

we meet again.
so i've finally mastered the art of relaxing after all of my exams are now finished. i'm now flicking through some vintage and indie inspired clothes websites as i always get inspiration from them. and i came across 'threadsence' 

just to let you know i have not been asked to write this or endorse anything i am not affiliated with this ban at all!

this website is so indie looking but also fresh looking which i love - but what i love even more is their clothes - naturally. for me my style is typically 'indie' i love the flowy casual but fancy look and i think i do honestly pull it off pretty well. i have the hair for it- just about ( still not fully content ) . What i've wored out over the years is the prints and colour i love to wear. this was proved yesterday when i expanded my wardrobe - added another rail and generally renovated the place. and there was a real trend on what i like - tan mustard yellow and black and some dark grey + navy. for print wise i go for snake skin effect and leopard - but i promise the ones i pick doesn't look slag-ish - so don't panic!

anyway bak to threadsence. i was so exited when i was looking through their clothes as i found some beauts- here they are :) I will include direct links to the items so you can get further information if you like the ones i like .

what the website says 

'Sheer, taupe colored, foxtail printed crop top with a relaxed fit. Open ribbon back detailing. '

 i love the colour and the style of this - i've never seen anything like it with this gorgeous back bow detail either!

what the website says

'Aztec printed tank top in tan and black. Sides slightly flare out towards the fringed hem. Relaxed fit.'

loving this so much - love the colours on the aztec print - can't beat a good mustard yellow/tan and black duo. The fringing is what makes t this season - don't be put off by it it will honestly set the rest of the look off for you!

what the website says

' Semi-sheer rust coloured button up top with a racerback-like cutout from behind. Longer length in the back as well to give it a unique and relaxed look. '

what's not to love about this top :
Great colour - check
great cut - check
a staple piece for any season - CHECK

Love this so much as it's so versatile and would compliment pretty much any trouser or shorts you wear!

what the website says

'Brass charm necklace with an engraved detailed key, fabric bow, orange gem, and more small charms. Includes orange gem dangling earrings.'

How charming is this necklace ? Its got everything i look for in a necklace - intricate detail , hint of colour , and last but not least the unique factor. no wonder this beauty was out of stock when i found it! But what i found out on threadsence is that they have n e-mail option which will tell you when the item you like is back in stock so you don't have to miss out on any beautiful pieces they sell - very clever indeed.

what the website says

'Nude colored sheer tights with "hansel from basel bon voyage!" in black stitching along repeated along the back side with a small sailboat.'

Usually i really don't like things like this but i don't know why but i love these maybe its because they're so simple and unique and honestly not too much. But whats even greater about these is that the writing is along the center which will make your legs appear thinner - marvellous.

So i could keep reeling off more items to my harts content but i don't want to bore you. but these are the key items on their website i love and they do truly live up to their statement - ' a unique and relaxed look'

What do you like from their website - and what do you think of my choices - let me know in a comment below :)

Until Next Time - follow my'deary if you got this far :)


Friday, 8 July 2011

Style Steal : Rose Byrne


a style hottie if you ask me who is currently waltzing over our screens in the movie 'bridesmaids' which was released on 22nd June. I've actually been looking forward for that movie to be released and hopefully i will go and see it with the bestfriend Aimee very shortly.I cant wait to see the film as Rose plays Helen who battles Annie and she truly believes she should be the maid-of-honour for her friends weddings. Got to love a girl with a bit of determination.Anyway back to the point Rose Byrne has always been a true style icon to me as she always manages to look smart and sophisticated whatever the role or haircut she has had. 

What role i mainly recognised her is from 'Insidious' horror movie - which to me was a nighmare'ish film which in-fact did give me an odd nightmare of my own - thanks weird producers for creating a sick movie designed to haunt the audience - good going on your behalf , it worked.

Some of you may recognise her from the roles she has played in 'X-men First Class ' here is a shot form the movie. She seems to just adapt to any role she has been given and that is what inspires me about her.
What makes me love her evenmore is that she is in-fact from Sydney Australia and i just love australian people , i've always got on with them my closest friends - neighbours are originally from there. i dont know maybe its their voice and laid-back attitude. i dont know can't place my finger on it exactly.

 As you can see from the following photos she has varied her hairstyle quite a bit and my personally favourite you can probably guess is the waved hair- stunning. Although she currently has a fringe i think not alot of people can actually rock it - but she does pull it off quite well although i think i prefer her with no fringe and simple mid length hair , plus it would be more of a benefit to her and she could pull off a variety of clothing styles . never the less she seems to know what she wants when see was at the Tommy Hilfiger's A/W 2011 show .  She traded in her cream dress for more suiting blouse and trousers - a very smart choice by her indeed.
 I LOVE her blouse in this picture and her make-up give her an ample enough of warmth for her to carry the look to her maximum potential.

Here she is at the premiere of X-men First Class . Doesn't she look stunning? I'm in absolute awe with her dress i love everything about it ; the lace , the colour , the cut - you name it i love it EXCEPT that plain fact - its not mine , damn you designers - high street hurry up and make me an alternative - pronto! If you know of any dresses similar to this tap me an answer in the comment s to this post-  i'd love you forever *if thats a good thing i don't know*

So 2011 has really been her year she hit three show stopping movies in three moths and each movie couldnt be anymore different. To me this shows how versatile she is and personally how can get to work  but still find the time to look fabulous!

She has recently been in in-style magazine and i had a flick-through her looks and what she had to say - she seems to know what she likes and has such a french day-to-day style . This is reinforced with her favourite designers and stores Zadig & Voltaire and APC. Here she is in this particular shot her rocking the latest trend and she fits it to a tee- much rather a dress actually. I adore the colour of the maxi and i'm looking for a perfect loose tee in this colour to throw over other shirts to give the perfect chic edge. The floppy hat just accentuates her very slender figure and sculpts her that little bit extra which screams 'french fever' which is her style all over.

So do you like Rose Byrne - let me know . . .