Thursday, 21 July 2011

got your brogue feet up?

got your feet up?
The much loved brogue shoes have been revamped!
But do you think this update on the shoes are a bit too much?

Prada have designed some new season brogues for SS11 which have a heafty £510 price tag attached. The media is of the moment are going to new heights over them right now, but personally i'm not their biggest fan.

I can't see myself wearing these shoes. Mixing brogues with trainers soles/platforms is just a tad too much for me to handle. I don't think they look as smart and vintage as the original brogues we are all familiar with.

Like all things once runway has started a trend the highstreet follows so this is what our stores have come up with to follow the 'brogues update'

Topshop + Miss Selfridge Alternatives

As you can see the high-streets version are no-way near and bright as the runways which i like as i'm not a fan of bright colour bursts myself and i generally settle for original staples in my wardrobe.Also i like the fact that topshop have kept the ditsy embossing on the front of the brogue so they still have the same reference as the originals!

What ones do you prefer Runway OR Highstreet?



  1. Hi dear! you blog is very nice!!xoxo

  2. high-street!
    Got the new look and miss selfridge ones.

    Jen xx