Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fashiolista contest- help me win.

so here is my look for the contest. please you guys i'm in need of your help.all you have to do is simple go on your facebook account (which near enough everyone and their dog has) and like this list at the top right - and thats it. as you all know im in dire need of a camera and with your help i could win a Nikon D5100 which would keep me more than occupied on please if your not  doing alot and have a facebook account like this list for a friend in need. you can click the image above of the facebook icon below this piece of writing to get you to the place you can click .many thanks in advance -keep safe and beautiful. love to you all eloise.


  1. so gorgeous stuff!! I love chanel as well!!

  2. why thank-you i love chanel too :) be sure to follow if you like this post :)