Sunday, 24 July 2011

Chanel Ready To Wear Spring Summer Collection - Part 1

its designer time!
Today i am going to be writing a post about the Chanel Ready To Wear Spring Summer Collectiomn for Spring/Summer 2011 . As you all know fashion season are so early in the years as summer is released in winter and vise versa. As this runway was actually made on October the 5th 2010- for this year's summer 2011. Very organised and ahead of schedule if you ask me.

But strikes me about this runway at Paris Fashion Week is that all not all just like the pastels. Its nice to see that black is back in summer with hints and graduated colour from a simple chiffon overlay to a detailed frock. I feel this particular runway for SS/11 is the best i've seen yet.

As you can see Karl Lagerfeld ( a german fashion designer)made an appearance on the
I will be two posts on this particular runway one for 'detail and accessories and the other for 'MAIN runway' . As i found there is too much to share with you on this runway so it would be better for me to split it up abit!

Onto the runway...

As you can see its not all pretty pastels and delicate edges summer has gone back to basics with a sharp, surreal edge which invites us all to have a intriguing summer. I love the sharp detailing on this piece and the cutting of the materials which emits sharp but sophisticated! Look as the shoes on this piece they are breath taking and co-ordinate perfectly without being too 'heavy'!

As you can see colour has made an appearance but is subtle and free flowing chiffon which i like which portrays summer is just a season of weather which comes and flows without rules or restriction and is free.Also i love the mix of materials and prints look at the detailing on the bag! It certainly adds 'WOW factor' to the ensemble. Finished off with some black leather dynamic boots and hinting at some biker gloves- what says EDGY more than this ?

Now we are getting towards the more colourful pieces from the runway. This piece is ruffled up to the max with free flowing layers and think printed material with an almost tuxedo folded front which oozes authority.With added 'punch' with a statement necklace which a perfect mid-length cut. Looking effortless this season!

Now here is one of the few pastels on the runway.Showing a more vamped take on the innocent coloured longline dress.What i love most is the ripped detail with has black lace inside.Showing that in all love there is evil and vise versa. Topped off with polished hair and eye popping smokey eyes.

Now what adds summer more than a parasol . This look does truly replicate summer how it should be flowing print material which clashing accessories . What i love about this is the feminine edges with a perfect cut frame to show the shoulder blade which is then taken in for the outer edges having water-falled around her figure. Finished with some minted platformed with ribbon detail!

What is more cute than having a bouncing baby boy on the runway ?! I was immediately in love on how polished they both look quirky and cool in the hot summer heat. The phrase ' like father like son ' comes to mind. Was truly a 'cute' and 'real' edge to fashion - showing you you can be any and every age to enjoy the art of fashion.

Images sourced from Zimbio

Want to see the looks in more detail form accesories to design ?
You wished has been granted in PART 2 of this post!



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