Wednesday, 13 July 2011

threadsence - my little wishes

we meet again.
so i've finally mastered the art of relaxing after all of my exams are now finished. i'm now flicking through some vintage and indie inspired clothes websites as i always get inspiration from them. and i came across 'threadsence' 

just to let you know i have not been asked to write this or endorse anything i am not affiliated with this ban at all!

this website is so indie looking but also fresh looking which i love - but what i love even more is their clothes - naturally. for me my style is typically 'indie' i love the flowy casual but fancy look and i think i do honestly pull it off pretty well. i have the hair for it- just about ( still not fully content ) . What i've wored out over the years is the prints and colour i love to wear. this was proved yesterday when i expanded my wardrobe - added another rail and generally renovated the place. and there was a real trend on what i like - tan mustard yellow and black and some dark grey + navy. for print wise i go for snake skin effect and leopard - but i promise the ones i pick doesn't look slag-ish - so don't panic!

anyway bak to threadsence. i was so exited when i was looking through their clothes as i found some beauts- here they are :) I will include direct links to the items so you can get further information if you like the ones i like .

what the website says 

'Sheer, taupe colored, foxtail printed crop top with a relaxed fit. Open ribbon back detailing. '

 i love the colour and the style of this - i've never seen anything like it with this gorgeous back bow detail either!

what the website says

'Aztec printed tank top in tan and black. Sides slightly flare out towards the fringed hem. Relaxed fit.'

loving this so much - love the colours on the aztec print - can't beat a good mustard yellow/tan and black duo. The fringing is what makes t this season - don't be put off by it it will honestly set the rest of the look off for you!

what the website says

' Semi-sheer rust coloured button up top with a racerback-like cutout from behind. Longer length in the back as well to give it a unique and relaxed look. '

what's not to love about this top :
Great colour - check
great cut - check
a staple piece for any season - CHECK

Love this so much as it's so versatile and would compliment pretty much any trouser or shorts you wear!

what the website says

'Brass charm necklace with an engraved detailed key, fabric bow, orange gem, and more small charms. Includes orange gem dangling earrings.'

How charming is this necklace ? Its got everything i look for in a necklace - intricate detail , hint of colour , and last but not least the unique factor. no wonder this beauty was out of stock when i found it! But what i found out on threadsence is that they have n e-mail option which will tell you when the item you like is back in stock so you don't have to miss out on any beautiful pieces they sell - very clever indeed.

what the website says

'Nude colored sheer tights with "hansel from basel bon voyage!" in black stitching along repeated along the back side with a small sailboat.'

Usually i really don't like things like this but i don't know why but i love these maybe its because they're so simple and unique and honestly not too much. But whats even greater about these is that the writing is along the center which will make your legs appear thinner - marvellous.

So i could keep reeling off more items to my harts content but i don't want to bore you. but these are the key items on their website i love and they do truly live up to their statement - ' a unique and relaxed look'

What do you like from their website - and what do you think of my choices - let me know in a comment below :)

Until Next Time - follow my'deary if you got this far :)



  1. I like your blog. Check out mine!

  2. Ooh I really love the cutout top! I've seen it in so many variations too.


    p.s thx for dropping by my fashiolista page :)