Thursday, 11 August 2011

navaho shoes on office - the costly trend.

so i was looking for some shoes for my new school- long story when this brand caught my eye 'navaho' on the office website. they specialise in native american inspired shoes and to me they are simply stunning. i love the colour scheme on the shoes and the cut of them if you will . i have picked my favourite ones out from the website. but to me there is a major downside to this brand - the price. ususally im quite generous and will allow a little over £25 max for general wear shoes but the top two beauties are £45 . which to me is silly money. as they hardly are cleanable material as they are suede and will mark easily so i dont see how they can be that much moeny. i suppose that what make a label a label - the heafty price tag.

i love the natural colour scheme on these and the fabric design on the front of them - they will add some vintage flair to any cool toned outfit worn. in plain english 'they're gorggeous'

these shoes also come in a darker colour scheme which i'm also loving

so this is the same shoe type as above but in a darker colour scheme. i love the blue and orange hues together looks so pretty. this pair will be harder to wear outifr wise but on the plus side they are less likely to show marks or dirtyness because of the deep colouring - still beautiful all the same.

i'm a sucker for these type of shoes and so i was immediately drawn into these shoes. when i first saw them they reminded me of somehting luna's dad would wear in harry potter 'sorry to all the magic haters . i LOVE harry potter and so i will talk about it as much as i would like. anyway i love the detailing on these and these shoes are so unique if only they was MUCH CHEAPER they'd be awesome. i think primark should do these shoes like these in the stores they'd be a huge hit with everyone.

its a shame because i really LOVE these shoes so much but due to my new school clothes + sportswear ( i had to buy 4 different pairs of trainers formy school - stupid restrictions and multitude of sporting activites)  i dont have the spare cash and ' i need a dollar dollar - a dollar is what i need' and a little more to be able to buy these autumn foot delights. such a shame . . .

what do you think of the shoes and the matching price?


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