Thursday, 30 June 2011

Worn Out Festival

hello motto.
as promised i'm back doing another festival look for you guys created on my polyvore 
which is HERE just incase you wanted to have a ponder on my clothing style.
Anyway more on the point this festival look is more of the typical look and incorporates the graphic print into a aztec print bodycon dress layered with dark orange blazer which is furthermore accented via bangle and shoes. As it is a festival look its also got to have layered necklaces to downgrade the look and add that 'laid back' edge look. As they say in theatre lets get on with the show . . 

You can really feel the urban edge in this look with the tassel layered bag and the colour scheme of rust red and burnt orange - especially stunning on brunettes and blonde hair' girls :)
What i love even-more is how you can up the anti with the shoes the classic boots for chilled but for classy tassel shoes - aren't they just stunning and in the perfect in-trend colour - no need to thank me.

.       .      .

Here is the item list for all you junkies who want to add this stunning art to your shopping cart . . .

Dress - River Island £20.00
Blazer - River Island £35.00
Boots - River Island £65.00
Bangle- River Island £8.00
Tassel Shoe - River Island £60.00
Gem Necklace - Topshop £6.25
Feather Necklace - Topshop £90.00

as you can see this particular look is on the pricey side but for many of these items you can definitely find alternatives in other local stores - its all about persevering sometimes

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So do you like this look - let me know . . .


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Melodious Meadow Music

what wag-gin'
so thought i'd bring you another polyvore post i had just created to my blog right now and its a look that is quite versatile but nails the mellow festival vibe to a tee - literally. I personally love the festival looks and i will bring you a more 'revved up version in a further post so be ready for that . but this is more for those who don't like playing with colour too much but still want to fit the trend. So without further ado heres the look.

all of the clothes used in this are from topshop and i will link all of the items if i can directly to the website for you so you dont have to crawl through the site looking for the items - because i'm nice like that and if you hit the FOLLOW button to your right ------> i'll be even more grateful!

For this look i deliberately placed two pairs of shoes onto it as the look is so versatile and depending on the event and the time different shows can be worn . If you just want to chill and if you are in the field you'll be more thankful for a comfy pair of t-bar sandals . But if its later and want to look more styl'in the cream wedges are another alternative!

Here is the Item List :

Skirt - Topshop £42.00
Sandals - Topshop £18.00
Wedges - Topshop £70.00
Ring - Topshop £12.50
Glasses - Topshop £22.00
Bag - Topshop £36.00

I'm honestly loving all tortoise print items at the moment especially on glasses . I bought my new prescription Prada Glasses which have the print and they are honestly stunning! Shame i prefer wearing contact though! Never the less you cant beat a good tortoise print this season.

Do you like this look - let me know!

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

my dream wishlist


So i thought i'd share the five items on my dream wishlist. i feel that we all have dream items we all like to own but quite simply the money doesnt fit the bill. So i thought i would share the five things i would like if money was no object - fashion wise.

001) A Original Chanel Tote Bag

All of my life i have dreamt of owning one preferably the large original black one . To me they symbolise style originality and all great powers own one so naturally i would love to own one myself but not for power of course for style originality. As they can be worn with anyone and give you pure style - not just a tote i LOVE thier jewelery also a vintage chanel 'drip' necklace has always been another dream on mine to own.

002) Alexander Mcqueen Noir Faithful Boot
Quite simply the most stunning ankle boots i have ever seen in my live and no wonder as they are over a grand's worth of shoe comfort + style hopefully in size 7/6. The amount of intricate detail and the quite simply own an Alexander Mcqueen item would be outstanding to me and when i always log on to polyvore they are always on my homepage talking to me , if anyone like to get them for me i would seriously love you forever :L

003) Canon VS Nikon Camera
I simply dont know which one to own - i am going to get one for my birthday this year 31st August - helllo . But i have no clue what model to get cant be anything over £700 i think at the moment i dont know depends if its worth it . So if anyone could help me decide and pick one out for me would be deeply appreciated as i want to be able to take high quality photos as my current lumix is quite frankly crap. plus they look sort of cool dont they ;D

004)Black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Yes believe it or not i'm a car freak - girl version . to be honest i think this car is the most sexy car i have ever seen my entire life - i have seen one in person when i was on holiday in Italy 2 years ago ( even-though i go there every year) one of the staff of the hotel i go to - this was his car . I had to walk past it everyday and i did secretly give it a kiss one time , before you give me that look . . . who wouldn't ;)

005) A mansion in Monaco

Yes i know , i know i can dream right . but its in the perfect surroundings near italy of which i love and is the most expensive place to own any sort of home in - go figure right. Simply stunning but of curse i'd need the money to back that one up ... may need to rethink this one !

006) Louis Vuitton Bag
Yes you can gather i love my bags and this would be my main one to own and use . I have a very good fake of a tivoli gm ( very good actually just comparing ) but its still not the real so i'm not content , just yet. I am currently lusting over the Retiro GM model .

007) To find the one and only for me.
I havent completely found mr right just yet but its getting that way , but although this is important to me i'm just going to let this one happen by itself no need to buy this one!

But anyway that is my dream wishlist as of the moment. What is on your dream wishlist ?

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Beach Dreaming . . .

i'm back from my little day dream.

I made this as i had a dream lastnight of myself being back to my other land Italy. You must be thinking - what is she on ?! But i've have been to italy every single year ever since i was born ( technically whilst my mother was carrying me also ! ) and is like another home to me all the locals know us and we have always stayed at the same placed every-year for 5 years as our existing hotel was re-bulit into apartments - i wasn't very impressed. I could just see myself wearing this whilst walking along the promenade when i go out to lunch - aka the beach bar about 2 minutes away from our hotel and then catching a 'fragola crush' sort of like a slush puppy - but much nicer or even getting a ' milkshake a cioccolato ' which is 4 euros but the locals had said it will be 4000 this year as i always get one everyday without fail !

But anyway... you see how easy it is for me to get carried away about my beloved little place far far away. So without further ado here is the item list for this tropical beach look :

Item List :

Playsuit - Topshop £45.00
Shoes - Topshop £90.00
Ring- Topshop [ out of stock ]
Earrings - Topshop £7.50
Bracelet - H&M £0.99

What do you think of this look- leave a comment and let me know!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Topshop Collection - Goldie


It me back from paris. joking i wish i was in paris right now , nope i'm stuck with crappy english weather. Typical that AFTER i finish my exams the weather turns back miserable - chucking it down with rain continually. But thats life for you.

Anyway today i'm gong to tell you abut a new concession collection which has hit topshop's website called goldie.

Like many of you i always have a nosey through the website to check out whats hip and happening when clothes from this collection particularly took to my liking. i'm a free soul when its comes to fashion so i'm interested when new prints and materials have been endorsed in new ways , so when i saw the typical 'ditsy flower' print reborn into a more rustic and antique colour i was immediately excited. Even more i'm a person who is currently lovin
g their playsuits( despite the weather - roll on italy holiday in August ) and their loose fit blouses. So this collection ticks all the right boxes for me personally. Here are a few key pieces i have picked out from the website to give you an idea on the collection + my personal favourites i will hopefully be purchasing ( if the wallet agrees that is)
This is my ultimate favourite from the collection and i absolutely love the colour scheme the dewy blue , cream and vintage gold - absolutely loving this will definitely purchasing this for summer and for my holiday - can't wait . I suggest this to girls with particularly blonde hair as this will really lighten it and make it pop against this colour scheme and will get you warmed up and beach ready.
Now what i love about these is the loose cut and the intricate detail on the cuff it just look effortless and high maintenance . With the extra added cord it employs a western edge which is perfect for both ss11 and will follow through into aw11. This can be styled so many ways layered with waterfall cardi necklace and pencil cut trousers or vintage skinny's so many looks for so many events - a true staple to own.

Now for this top i have seen similar in other stores such as warehouse and river island so you may be able to find a better deal, but i so truly love the amount of printed mixed with block colour at the top - just makes it pop and i'd assume once worn would give extra attention to any drop necklace ( above 16 inch) that extra bit of sugar loving !

This cape may not to be to everyones taste but to me its just to die for. I am loving the colour scheme and actual print of this its so unusual and will do all har colours justice especially those with highlights - can i get a woop woop here people?
although the cape drapes at each edge may put you off there is nothing to worry about to me its just like the drape on a dressing gown ( okay no its not ) but its equally as essential to this years style !

Lastly a chic essential this beige/brown top with the four simple lace stripes make this a little more edgy than an everyday top but makes it more versatile as it can be played up for the evening with some more sturdy trouser or even tucked into a bodycon skirt - *simples*

Now for the price as you all are probably aware topshop is accompanied by a little bit of a steep price tag- but to me that has never stopped me from buying their clothes ( my wardrobe is virtually all topshop) as i can honestly say these clothes are truly from a high quality and DO LAST a lifetime - lucky i haven't varied sizes little to at all so all of my clothes from last year still - thank god ( size 10 all round incase you were wondering ), fits so i honestly say although the price can make you question the clothing in general - nothing in my opinion should refrain you from buying quality items
As the wise old man always says ' quality not quantity'

So what do you think of this collection - let me know


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Style Steal - Shenae Grimes

I'll admitt i was pretty upset when Liam separated from Annie by getting a job. I was sobbing my eyes out -which is rare for me. I just love her character Annie as she is always so honest too honest sometimes that it leads ot her downfall. What makes me love her in the programme 90210 is that she always puts others first which was shown when she sold the necklace she was given so that Dixon and her could go to their colleges ! I just think its nce to see a honest character on a tv show which makes the programme more realistic and enjoyable!
More to the point Shenae Grimes always manages to look so simple and stylish where ever she goes from out running errands to coming out at night - she looks polished to perfection

What i love more about her is her hair! She always allows her hair to do its own thing as she is blessed with beach curled hair! I am yet to find the perfect way to create her kind of hair but when i do i will update you with how !
Click here for more information on the clothes mentioned in the above picture

All of the clothes used can be found regularly on the high street and these two outfits can be styled up with more silver accented jewellery and dressed down with more flowy layers.
This is why i love her style as is so casual but simply stunning

Do you like 90210?