Wednesday, 3 August 2011

trend alert : the high slit skirt

*neee nawh nee nawh*
trend alert- the sky high slit.
Skirt - Asos £25

wow what a stunning look I’m sure you will agree.we’ve already been through the trend of the maxi skirt but now both designers and highstreet have added their own touch to this look by …. adding a slit to it. simple but yet effective.perfect for summer if you ask me making your legs more visible and letting a draft in …not so great in you live in the cooler countries *hint hint* uk you suck.

With this trend its not only for day wear it can be incorporated into an evening dress like this one has been done before but that’s why the clever people who think of these trend haven’t just gone for one slit in the skirt oh no they were more cool than that.

In some scenarios they’ve added two. To make it extra new and clever.don't over do it  highstreet please?!

So you’re wondering how can I achieve this look? Well lucky for you I have listed where the first killer skirt is from which is pictured in the photo above so you can wear this sure to tell me which one you like the best -day or night slit skirt look or both  if you cant decide .let me know in a comment below.

so what do you think of this trend are you loving or leaving this trend. like this post with the icon below if youre loving or leave a comment below to tell me of your decision. love to hear your thoughts on it.