Thursday, 25 August 2011

what i'm loving : scarves - and a update.

its eloise checking in with you again for another post.
[ will be an eloise update at the end of this post ]
so i thought id be interesting to share with you what i been loving lately and this has been scarves. now i dont understand why but i dont own many scarves i have two so i plan to get some more at a later date. but anyway i think scarves are such a statement in your wardrobe - but what i have really been loving is wearing scarves in your hair like a headscarf or a turb-band which is a different way of wearing them ( sort of abit boho ish ) . so ive been trying to track some and i have my grandma on the case looking for some as she used to own some so she's looking for them for me - what a lovel'y 

so here are some scarves i have picked out from highstreet stores which i thought you may like so you can be cosy for this autumn winter. there will be links to the websites they are from so you can go directly to the ones you like with no fuss - aren't i so kind! 

So which one is your favourite ?

001 Update - so this is my personal little update which some of you may find interesting . . . had my minor op today on my foot - wasnt immensely pleasant not going to go into details but the burning was the worst part of the procedure which i had done without anestetic on one of them was bloody aweful but i sat through it nevertheless until i got to the car i had a little sob about it - now ive been told i must walk on my foot directly and should keep renewing bandage and that so currently got my foot up typing this post and hopefully i will be healed in a few days - perfect timing so everything will be perfect for my holiday when i'm going to italy *hurrah*

if you want to talk to me fell free to follow me on twitter and tell me what your username is in a comment below as i wont be able to see your tweets unless i follow you back and then we can talk as i love talking to all of you lovelies so much - can't wait to tweet to you soon. 


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  1. loving the warm tones of the scarfs!