Monday, 18 July 2011

missing 90210

it's me again.
a little typo post of me explaining that i'm really missing watching 90210 ive seen all of season 3 and was wondering when season 4 is ready as i miss it so much and can't wait to watch to watch the characters in college. so naturally if you know me when i miss something i retrieve a million of photos on the subject i'm missing - so naturally here are my 90210 inspirational pictures.

so i will leave you witht the obvious follow up question- who is your favourite 90210 character and why? would appreciate it if you left a comment below telling me who yours is.

if you were wondering who mine is - first place has to go to annie. i love her style and flair and her character is so honest and loveable and i've found she's developed alot since the beginning and has a willing nature on the show - plus i love her hair! if you want to see a post i've done on shenae grimes click here.

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  1. I miss that show too! My favorite is Silver by the way. :)

  2. loved all of the images :D