Friday, 8 July 2011

Style Steal : Rose Byrne


a style hottie if you ask me who is currently waltzing over our screens in the movie 'bridesmaids' which was released on 22nd June. I've actually been looking forward for that movie to be released and hopefully i will go and see it with the bestfriend Aimee very shortly.I cant wait to see the film as Rose plays Helen who battles Annie and she truly believes she should be the maid-of-honour for her friends weddings. Got to love a girl with a bit of determination.Anyway back to the point Rose Byrne has always been a true style icon to me as she always manages to look smart and sophisticated whatever the role or haircut she has had. 

What role i mainly recognised her is from 'Insidious' horror movie - which to me was a nighmare'ish film which in-fact did give me an odd nightmare of my own - thanks weird producers for creating a sick movie designed to haunt the audience - good going on your behalf , it worked.

Some of you may recognise her from the roles she has played in 'X-men First Class ' here is a shot form the movie. She seems to just adapt to any role she has been given and that is what inspires me about her.
What makes me love her evenmore is that she is in-fact from Sydney Australia and i just love australian people , i've always got on with them my closest friends - neighbours are originally from there. i dont know maybe its their voice and laid-back attitude. i dont know can't place my finger on it exactly.

 As you can see from the following photos she has varied her hairstyle quite a bit and my personally favourite you can probably guess is the waved hair- stunning. Although she currently has a fringe i think not alot of people can actually rock it - but she does pull it off quite well although i think i prefer her with no fringe and simple mid length hair , plus it would be more of a benefit to her and she could pull off a variety of clothing styles . never the less she seems to know what she wants when see was at the Tommy Hilfiger's A/W 2011 show .  She traded in her cream dress for more suiting blouse and trousers - a very smart choice by her indeed.
 I LOVE her blouse in this picture and her make-up give her an ample enough of warmth for her to carry the look to her maximum potential.

Here she is at the premiere of X-men First Class . Doesn't she look stunning? I'm in absolute awe with her dress i love everything about it ; the lace , the colour , the cut - you name it i love it EXCEPT that plain fact - its not mine , damn you designers - high street hurry up and make me an alternative - pronto! If you know of any dresses similar to this tap me an answer in the comment s to this post-  i'd love you forever *if thats a good thing i don't know*

So 2011 has really been her year she hit three show stopping movies in three moths and each movie couldnt be anymore different. To me this shows how versatile she is and personally how can get to work  but still find the time to look fabulous!

She has recently been in in-style magazine and i had a flick-through her looks and what she had to say - she seems to know what she likes and has such a french day-to-day style . This is reinforced with her favourite designers and stores Zadig & Voltaire and APC. Here she is in this particular shot her rocking the latest trend and she fits it to a tee- much rather a dress actually. I adore the colour of the maxi and i'm looking for a perfect loose tee in this colour to throw over other shirts to give the perfect chic edge. The floppy hat just accentuates her very slender figure and sculpts her that little bit extra which screams 'french fever' which is her style all over.

So do you like Rose Byrne - let me know . . .



  1. She is gorgeous. I think she is getting a little on the skinny side though. I remember her in Sunshine and she looked much healthier then. Bridesmaids is hilarious!

  2. Hannah_McKee

    yes. i couldnt agree more. true she is slimming but at least she isnt as bad as some other celebs like 'lohan is :) havent seen sunshine might have to google to see what she looked like! yes i loved the film finally got to watch it like 2 days ago was so funny i liked the part when they were on the aeroplane.too funny. :L

    loving your blog also - follow my blog if you'd like


  3. I love her! She's just so damn pretty!
    P.S. Your blog is lovely!