Saturday, 15 October 2011

style alert : sheer blouses

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wow-zers havent posted on here for awhile. now i will explain why... 
as you all know i've just started my college which is a boarding school with houses etc but if you don't know what this is - its basically HOGWARTS with unfortunately no magic. you have the different houses the dining hall with the four long tables the original oak furnishings , a chapel and all the rest of it. so as you can see as the school contains everything you can tell the work need is heavy duty so naturally i have had ZERO free time to write posts n here. not to mentions the exams and assessments ive just had!

but now i have just under 2 weeks off so i'm making the most of them by relaxing when i can and typing up posts on here. so here is a post about sheer blouses- as you can tell by then title. now what i've found with them is that they are available in a variety of colours and also have a few selected prints aswell.

so here i have picked out a couple of my favourites.

so here is a long nude blouse which i love it is from farfetch it has two main layers one dark so you cant see your bra underneath then a flowey out layer to add a hint of elegance. love this blouse you can get it HERE

this is a black sheer blouse form topshop and so i found out you cannot find this particular one in-store its only online which i wasnt chuffed about. but i love the panelling on this one and the face it has long sleeves and darker black cuffs. i love this piece so versatile and will never go out of style. you can get it HERE and it costs £32 pounds - which is an average price of this particular styled item

 again this is another sheer blouse from topshop. one thing you have to consider with this particular item is sizing. as ive found some are either to baggy at the front or good but too tight on the arms so i recommend trying them on before buying. so i found out at the store. i love this one for the gold button detailing it just makes this piece a little bit more formal and more luxe - get more information on this top HERE !

lastly here is an alternative one from warehouse which is a bit of an oddball of the trend as it features a peep hole and bow sheer material which does elongate which can make you look like you have a male part *you know what im on about* between your legs so if you do go for this one make sure either to tuck in the excess ribeens of double knot the bow. i lvoe this particular one for the top half and central detailing either side of the button fastening area- never seen this before and i honestly lvoe it. you can get more information on this top HERE . but be warned due to all the fancy features this top rakes in at £50!

So what do you think of these blouses - which one took your fancy?
i'd love to know in a comment below