Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fashiolista final - i need you all more than ever.

hello my lovelies.
so i cannot thank-you all enough i have made it through to the finals of the fashiolista contest and its all down to you so thank-you so much! but now i need you more than ever. it all relies down to the final votes on the link HERE . i need you all and your friends if you wouldn't mind to vote for me on there as this will decided the final winner. id really appreciate it if you voted and you would spread the word about the finals and voting for myself. 

so once again thank-you and f you like this look in the image below please vote for it. it would mean the world to me and more. i am contestant number five under the name SimplyNaturale. Please vote it wouldnt take up your time and super easy to do and would really make my day. thankyou in advance.

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