Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites

hello everyone, so today thought id restart my monthly favourites series. Due to finally finishing my a-level so the 20th I haven't had time for an extensive make-up looks. From this you can tell my favourites will be five items i use everyday and i couldn't replace with alternatives.

Neals Yard Moisturiser

If you read my beauty blog you would you I was a massive fan of the Orange Flower version of the daily cream. Unfortunately at my nearest Neals Yard counter they have stopped stocking it! This made me very upset as its the only cream i had found which was light enough and sunk straight into the skin without leaving a greasy residue , which would ultimately result on breaking out with spots. So naturally for the medium price tag , I needed to find an alternative fast. On the day of shopping they in-fact had no moisturisers which suited my skin type. Luckily that day on the train home I stopped to get a  chocolate mocha, as you know and stumbled across a Magazine which contained a Neals Yard moisturiser. Naturally i bought it straight away! Found this moment almost like fate as this is how i found out about my Orange Flower moisturiser as it was included as a free gift in a Red magazine. Since then i have been using it everyday, as occasionally i get a dry nose and chin. However the only thing i could be picky about is that the scent is very odd, and it partially feels abit tingly. Which some people may like but personally the sensations lasts a little bit longer than i'd like. Nevertheless this cream had saved me when i was out of luck so for that it has been a favourite of mine this month.Especially as this brand ethos is to contain no parabens or any other nastiness. 

Flora by Gucci Perfume

After finishing my Original Chloe ( to my mothers relief, she hated the perfume ) and Gilly Hicks Perfume i thought it was time to branch out of my comfort zone and find another. In fact my mother treated me to it which is always an added bonus.This perfume is a tad on the pricey side especially for the size but I think its worth it. The scent is very unique and is not floral to me at all. When i hear a perfume described, I immediately think of a heavy fragrance worn my an ageing lady ( sorry for that vivid imagery) . This perfume is nothing like that...thankfully.  The website describes the fragrance as 'The core of this fragrance is composed of both rose and osmanthus flower, a rare and delicate bloom originating in China. Fresh citrus and peony are used as a top note, which impart a sensual youthfulness. These sweeter notes are reigned in by a powerful base composed of sandalwood and patchouli, signatures of the Gucci fragrance world.'
Before considering purchasing this I suggest you go try some on your wrist and then go out for awhile as i know this particular fragrance changed alot on my mothers skin as we both tried it at the same time. You can purchase this perfume at Boots here


After finishing my Chanel mascara which i was surprisingly disappointed with , especially for the price I thought it was time to return to some high-street alternatives. I purchased the mascara after realising it was sponsored by Made In Chelsea  *sad i know*. This mascara has a plastic applicator which sometimes can be horrid but this one is very good at grabbing each lash and extending them. THis mascara is definitely a lengthening not a volumising mascara. But i feel if you curl your lashes beforehand which is what I do when I want to put a little more effort into my look, one coat seems to hold the curl in place which is great. The formula of this mascara is not wet and doesn't sting your eyes which is an added bonus, especially for contact wearers! Overall if your in need of another mascara anytime soon i'd recommend checking this one out.

Gilly Hicks Splash Perfume Raspberry Opal

What attracted me to this perfume in the Gilly Hicks store was the colour. If you know me i'm not a typical girly girl , i'm not that much of a fan of pink colours.So when this teal colour was displayed I was automatically drawn in. Normally my favourite splash perfume they have is ' Pyrmont Blue ' and unfortunately this perfume isn't as good, but this being said they are two different type of fragrances which cannot be compared together.The reason why this one is my favourite is because of the fragrance itself.Like all splash perfume they have a very light fragrance which is great for summer as you don't want to wear a too heavy scent. This perfume smell reminds exactly of summer slightly fruity but with a hint of vanilla almost.The website sates the main three tones in the perfume are Passion Fruit, Water Lilly and Apricot. As you can tell form the photograph, these perfumes are absolutely massive which is a-mazing especially for the price with them only being £20.Due to the size they do last you a long time so its excellent value for money especially when our pay rises aren't in line with inflation!  You can buy this fragrance here

No7 Lip Colour

In summer I don't want to have the hassle of worrying to re-apply a strong lip colour in the panic that is doesn't fade equally. This is the reason why I bought this lip colour, aswell as the fact I had some vouchers soon to expire. This colour is a very natural lip colour (sorry cannot find name of it anywhere) which i love as once applied is adds a slight more polished look to the lips. Also is a very light formula which has its benefits and drawbacks.The benefit of which is fades equally and moisturises which is great in the heat! However it does mean you go through the lipstick rather quickly which reminds me of the typical YSL lipsticks which have a similar formula. Although there is a limited colour range in this collection i feel the colours available are all suited for summer so are worth a looksie next time you're in Boots!

So what are your five favourites for the month? Let me know in a comment below.
                           P.S = Please do not take my photos and use them as your own!      Thanks!  -ELOISE

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

M.A.C Cosmetics All About Orange Collection

Hi warriors. As a true M.A.C fan I was quite excited when I heard about the new M.A.C Collection All About Orange collection. Immediately I knew I had to go see the collection for myself in a store so off I went. The promotional image and introduction for the collection is shown below.

'Orange. Its vibrant energy and modern edge ignites fashion and beauty big time in Korea, Asia and the world. It’s one of the new global super shades that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication. M•A•C loves a colour with international impact and has translated the trend into a makeup collection for face, lips and nails. From Nail Lacquer in Sweet Pop to sizzling Tangerine Dream Lipstick – it’s an homage to orange.'

As soon as I entered the store i knew I had to tell Zoella from her blog as a good follower of hers from the beginning from when her blog was called Schoee and now her youtube channel, she loves orange lipsticks. As soon as i saw the colour 'Tart and Trendy' I knew I had to send her a tweet! My twitter is @mystylewarrior feel free to follow and tweet me! 

Other than this i found most of the colours were quite plain and easily replicable, especially the nail polishes and blush! However one more item which caught my eye was the eyeshadow palette 'Rainy Season' which wasn't orange !

Unlike most eyeshadow quads which come out with new collection 3 out of the 4 colours are new and I couldn't think of any similar colours to them. The four colour are as follow
*Artic Grey
*Courtly Grey
*Typographic (permanent)
*Rainy Season
My favourite colour form this quad was the Courtly Grey as it is a cool matte colour and its very hard to find such a colour which isn't very chalky in consistency. This colour would be very useful to blend edges which creating a smokey eye or even to smudge out black kohl eyeliner. 

However out for the whole collection, the key ones to look out for would definitely be the lipstick and the eyeshadow quad mentioned above. However i feel most make-up addicts may pass upon the quad as grey colours are easily found elsewhere.
Overall I was very impressed with the collection and thought the promotional image was much better than previous ones as the image itself its too cluttered which is always nice. I may return to get the lipstick but other than that , the collection is a pass for me.

Did you get anything form this collection? Let me know in a comment below.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

001 - If money was no object

Back again with another post . I've decided to create a series of posts which will be published once a week . This series will contain up to six items I would immediately own if money was no object. The rules for this series are simple, you cannot cannot repeat an item into another list. Seems simple, but once you've got your eyes set on purchasing one item, this series proves difficult!
Without further ado...
Here is my very first list!

 Due to finishing a-levels I finally get to relax and the outfits i wear should be no exception. This simple style would be perfect for festivals if you are attending any this year in the UK as I believe the first starts next week! So if money was no object i would run to topshop and buy this outfit I put together.

1) This rolled sleeve tee's topshop have in at the moment are uber comfortable , i already have one in a jade green colour, hence i would love to expand the collection of colours. Grey isnt a colour i would associate with the bright sun of summer however when i pair this with acid wash shorts and bright glasses, this outfit stands out.

2)This tribal ring is a typical choice for me.For one it is silver, I personally love wearing silver jewellery on the hands when you have a tan. Two it has such intricate detailing which will add an edge to any outfit.Little tip to stop this from giving you a green finger which most jewellery does after awhile, if you paint the inside of the ring with a layer of clear nail varnish, you'll avoid this!

3)I love the colour of the lens of these glasses. WIll make your world look very blue, reminds me of the song by Eiffel 65- Im Blue.This was my favourite song from my childhood which admittedly i still have on my itunes playlist!

4)Again i love the simplicity of this pendant necklace , with the silver and blue colouring. This against the grey will stand out and add another focal point to the outfit away from the glasses.

5) Acid wash jeans seem to be a re-occuring trend for summer outfits,this particular pair aren't too over done and will act as a staple piece in my summer wardrobe...once i buy them!

6)This year the style of sandals have been re-vamped, as most high-street pair have a slight platform to them which acts as a modest heel which is perfect for the transition from beach to bar, which i will be undertaking on holiday this year!

As you can tell all of these pieces are from Topshop.At this time of year i go through a phase of buying my whole wardrobe from a single store.This year will be no exception!

What would be your six items you would purchase right now if money was no object?! Love to hear from you , leave a comment below if you have enjoyed this post.
If you want to do this series yourself i tag all of you. Let me know if you do this in a comment below and I will give it a look. Until next time 


freedom at last

yes.....I have finally finished my education, well a-levels anyway. that one word 'alevel' in the past to years had brought tears to my eyes,excitement,pure fear and hope.If you have undertaken this you will understand my emotions towards this word. Before someone asks i took the following a-levels , Chemnistry,Biology,History and Business Studies ! Finally it is all over , all the hard work had been put to the test with my last exam being on the 20th June. Due to these exams the revision became paramount over my blog so apologies for that , but the good news is that I have no more exams so I can never use them as an excuse. Now I have the long wait to get my final results for , which is always fun....waiting to know your fate. As i'm not the most patient person I will be posting regularly to fill my time and to re-involve myself into the blogging community. 
Due to the exams finally being over forever at my boarding school we had a 'blow-out' day , which consisted of a foam pit and a neon party with all the extras.The party was long-awaited and was definitely worth all the hard work! Here are some admittedly horrid photos from the night.

showing the different colours of the neon paint.

subtle mug shot.

True to form got absolutely soaked in the foam pit, word of advice if you're ever going to go into one of these, don't get the foam in your eyes or your mouth. Seems relatively like common sense but when everyone dancing that becomes quite hard with the foam guns hitting you from two directions. The soap doesn't taste too good and does make your eyes tingle, which isn't great for contact wearers like myself. After-a-while the appeal of being drenched from head to toe wore off and I decided to go get ready for the club tropicana. Luckily I had some spare neon glow face paint from a previous holiday in greece so I got to use this and do the typical festival spots on my face. The difference being with mine they glowed and came up as different colours in different lighting conditions. This left all my friends in awe which made the night more fun for all. Unfortunately I have no idea where these were from as technically they belong to my older sister ... I wont tell if you don't!

Have you ever been to parties like this, let me know in the comments below. Sorry for this rambly post but I felt an update to my life was needed to re-start this blog again. 

Happy Summer 


Saturday, 15 October 2011

style alert : sheer blouses

hello ugly beautiful

wow-zers havent posted on here for awhile. now i will explain why... 
as you all know i've just started my college which is a boarding school with houses etc but if you don't know what this is - its basically HOGWARTS with unfortunately no magic. you have the different houses the dining hall with the four long tables the original oak furnishings , a chapel and all the rest of it. so as you can see as the school contains everything you can tell the work need is heavy duty so naturally i have had ZERO free time to write posts n here. not to mentions the exams and assessments ive just had!

but now i have just under 2 weeks off so i'm making the most of them by relaxing when i can and typing up posts on here. so here is a post about sheer blouses- as you can tell by then title. now what i've found with them is that they are available in a variety of colours and also have a few selected prints aswell.

so here i have picked out a couple of my favourites.

so here is a long nude blouse which i love it is from farfetch it has two main layers one dark so you cant see your bra underneath then a flowey out layer to add a hint of elegance. love this blouse you can get it HERE

this is a black sheer blouse form topshop and so i found out you cannot find this particular one in-store its only online which i wasnt chuffed about. but i love the panelling on this one and the face it has long sleeves and darker black cuffs. i love this piece so versatile and will never go out of style. you can get it HERE and it costs £32 pounds - which is an average price of this particular styled item

 again this is another sheer blouse from topshop. one thing you have to consider with this particular item is sizing. as ive found some are either to baggy at the front or good but too tight on the arms so i recommend trying them on before buying. so i found out at the store. i love this one for the gold button detailing it just makes this piece a little bit more formal and more luxe - get more information on this top HERE !

lastly here is an alternative one from warehouse which is a bit of an oddball of the trend as it features a peep hole and bow sheer material which does elongate which can make you look like you have a male part *you know what im on about* between your legs so if you do go for this one make sure either to tuck in the excess ribeens of double knot the bow. i lvoe this particular one for the top half and central detailing either side of the button fastening area- never seen this before and i honestly lvoe it. you can get more information on this top HERE . but be warned due to all the fancy features this top rakes in at £50!

So what do you think of these blouses - which one took your fancy?
i'd love to know in a comment below


Thursday, 25 August 2011

what i'm loving : scarves - and a update.

its eloise checking in with you again for another post.
[ will be an eloise update at the end of this post ]
so i thought id be interesting to share with you what i been loving lately and this has been scarves. now i dont understand why but i dont own many scarves i have two so i plan to get some more at a later date. but anyway i think scarves are such a statement in your wardrobe - but what i have really been loving is wearing scarves in your hair like a headscarf or a turb-band which is a different way of wearing them ( sort of abit boho ish ) . so ive been trying to track some and i have my grandma on the case looking for some as she used to own some so she's looking for them for me - what a lovel'y 

so here are some scarves i have picked out from highstreet stores which i thought you may like so you can be cosy for this autumn winter. there will be links to the websites they are from so you can go directly to the ones you like with no fuss - aren't i so kind! 

So which one is your favourite ?

001 Update - so this is my personal little update which some of you may find interesting . . . had my minor op today on my foot - wasnt immensely pleasant not going to go into details but the burning was the worst part of the procedure which i had done without anestetic on one of them was bloody aweful but i sat through it nevertheless until i got to the car i had a little sob about it - now ive been told i must walk on my foot directly and should keep renewing bandage and that so currently got my foot up typing this post and hopefully i will be healed in a few days - perfect timing so everything will be perfect for my holiday when i'm going to italy *hurrah*

if you want to talk to me fell free to follow me on twitter and tell me what your username is in a comment below as i wont be able to see your tweets unless i follow you back and then we can talk as i love talking to all of you lovelies so much - can't wait to tweet to you soon. 


Thursday, 11 August 2011

navaho shoes on office - the costly trend.

so i was looking for some shoes for my new school- long story when this brand caught my eye 'navaho' on the office website. they specialise in native american inspired shoes and to me they are simply stunning. i love the colour scheme on the shoes and the cut of them if you will . i have picked my favourite ones out from the website. but to me there is a major downside to this brand - the price. ususally im quite generous and will allow a little over £25 max for general wear shoes but the top two beauties are £45 . which to me is silly money. as they hardly are cleanable material as they are suede and will mark easily so i dont see how they can be that much moeny. i suppose that what make a label a label - the heafty price tag.

i love the natural colour scheme on these and the fabric design on the front of them - they will add some vintage flair to any cool toned outfit worn. in plain english 'they're gorggeous'

these shoes also come in a darker colour scheme which i'm also loving

so this is the same shoe type as above but in a darker colour scheme. i love the blue and orange hues together looks so pretty. this pair will be harder to wear outifr wise but on the plus side they are less likely to show marks or dirtyness because of the deep colouring - still beautiful all the same.

i'm a sucker for these type of shoes and so i was immediately drawn into these shoes. when i first saw them they reminded me of somehting luna's dad would wear in harry potter 'sorry to all the magic haters . i LOVE harry potter and so i will talk about it as much as i would like. anyway i love the detailing on these and these shoes are so unique if only they was MUCH CHEAPER they'd be awesome. i think primark should do these shoes like these in the stores they'd be a huge hit with everyone.

its a shame because i really LOVE these shoes so much but due to my new school clothes + sportswear ( i had to buy 4 different pairs of trainers formy school - stupid restrictions and multitude of sporting activites)  i dont have the spare cash and ' i need a dollar dollar - a dollar is what i need' and a little more to be able to buy these autumn foot delights. such a shame . . .

what do you think of the shoes and the matching price?