Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Can i have a scoop of pastel sorbet?

hi people.
once again a trend that never seem to tire out is the pastel sorbet colours - i've seen it pretty much all of my life and nothing really has changed with it. IT stays the same priceless colours every years with maybe i a slightly different hue or just cut into a different shape or the classic made into a different item - a scarf not a clutch!

So i have picked out some of the coolest celebs wearing the trend for you to have a nosey at.

Ashley Olsen - what a beaut' wearing a sorbet mustard jumper to chill the timeless look even-more topped with a over the shoulder black bag and a waterproof tied around the waist - thats one way to be prepared for british weather!

Kim Kardashian looking simply classic in a nude dress with cream accents carried out fully all the way to the shoes - a classic chilled treat which will never fade throughout the era's. A staple to add to your wardrobe for all skin-tones and hair colours!

Lilly Allen looking errrm not great if i'm honest - but whatever floats your boat i think they say!The dress doesnt flatter her figure and quite frankly make sit appear worse than it is .But by the lyrics of Miley Cyrus 'everyone makes mistakes , everyone has those days' - and yes i DID just quote her but suprisingly i'm okay with that!
The dress is a common example of a pink sorbet which always re-occurs from ascot to red carpet. grab one if your the playful type or leave it if you want a more sophisticated edge.
.    .    .
The one which melts my sorbet is Emma Green in the Baby Blue dress by Preen.  It is the *perfect* colour for her in both hair colour but also in her skin tone. Whilst we are on hair - i am loving her hair the fringe isn't too much and subtly adds a subdued edge to her character plus that colour - o.m.g i want it sooo much . 

She knows exactly how to top the colour of her dress off also with her balanced cool toned makeup. With minimal eye makeup with a black eyeliner rim to accentuate her light ice blue eyes. Polished off with a striking fushia lip to give the look her signature edge whilst adding a central point to her look.

I personally like the pastel look and i like endorsing it into my causal look via a layered shirt or accents in my jewellery but i could never pull off a whole look make of them due to my rockability edge.

So there we go that is how the celebrities rock the pastel sorbet look and how this look will quite literally will never chill out - sorry for the pun.

Do you like the pastel trend or not - let me know



  1. I adore one of the Olsen sisters' jersey. It's my dream. Sadly, haven't found THE one this season(

  2. same i love it too :) tell me what you want yours to look like colour and cut wise and i can search around for some jerseys for you and do a post on them if you'd like?