Saturday, 2 July 2011

field fantasy

another look i have crated on polyvore inspired by the surprisingly good weather in the UK at them moment. we currently have a heat wave *hurray* and i'm currently lapping up all the sun i can possibly get as you are probably aware britain is known for its prudent grey drizzle and hungover clouds - but today there is none in sight - marvellous!

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onto the look...
so this look has a hint of floral to it via the shorts which to me just adds that print to make it light and airy perfect for spring and summer. this look is free flowing with the loose blouse and unrestricted footware topped off with a classy Pauls boutique bag which i have got an amazing dupe for actually from primark has the charms and everything and worth the cost of only £9.00 . But i couldnt find it on polyvore so i had to place the Pauls Boutique version on there.

Another trend i personally love is placing a lace or a silk scarf onto your handbag just looks stunning plus you have easy access to it if you want to put it on - simple but yet so effective.

Item List:

Top- Topshop £34.00
Shorts - Topshop £32.00
Sandals - Topshop £25.00
Scarf - Warehouse £22.00
Earrings - Topshop £6.50
Bag -Pauls Boutique £61.00
Necklace - Topshop £6.25

So would you wear this look - let me know




    thank-you very much.

    it is a topshop blouse if you hover over the top in the item list there is a link to the top on their website :)
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