Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Melodious Meadow Music

what wag-gin'
so thought i'd bring you another polyvore post i had just created to my blog right now and its a look that is quite versatile but nails the mellow festival vibe to a tee - literally. I personally love the festival looks and i will bring you a more 'revved up version in a further post so be ready for that . but this is more for those who don't like playing with colour too much but still want to fit the trend. So without further ado heres the look.

all of the clothes used in this are from topshop and i will link all of the items if i can directly to the website for you so you dont have to crawl through the site looking for the items - because i'm nice like that and if you hit the FOLLOW button to your right ------> i'll be even more grateful!

For this look i deliberately placed two pairs of shoes onto it as the look is so versatile and depending on the event and the time different shows can be worn . If you just want to chill and if you are in the field you'll be more thankful for a comfy pair of t-bar sandals . But if its later and want to look more styl'in the cream wedges are another alternative!

Here is the Item List :

Skirt - Topshop £42.00
Sandals - Topshop £18.00
Wedges - Topshop £70.00
Ring - Topshop £12.50
Glasses - Topshop £22.00
Bag - Topshop £36.00

I'm honestly loving all tortoise print items at the moment especially on glasses . I bought my new prescription Prada Glasses which have the print and they are honestly stunning! Shame i prefer wearing contact though! Never the less you cant beat a good tortoise print this season.

Do you like this look - let me know!

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 thanks alot my fellow warriors



  1. electric empty:
    yes i really love the glasses :)

    Dilan Dilir:
    why thankyou

    be sure to follow this blog - Eloise

  2. really beautiful pictures, I like your blog. I am your new follower, please visit my new blog and be my follower too ;)

  3. Hey) I'm your new follower. You know I don't like skirts and dresses very much) Just put them on special occasiones, but this skirt is really cute. I think I'll look for it next time shopping))

    Good luck with your blog,

    Yulia from meetmeatredsquare.blogspot.com

  4. the fashion berries -personal blog
    thank-you so much means alot to me. sure no problem i will head over to your blog too ;)

    hurray hello :) haha yes i'm the same with skirts i much prefer shorts as you can probably tell - but this one i couldnt pass up!
    Thank-you and to you too