Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Style Steal - Shenae Grimes

I'll admitt i was pretty upset when Liam separated from Annie by getting a job. I was sobbing my eyes out -which is rare for me. I just love her character Annie as she is always so honest too honest sometimes that it leads ot her downfall. What makes me love her in the programme 90210 is that she always puts others first which was shown when she sold the necklace she was given so that Dixon and her could go to their colleges ! I just think its nce to see a honest character on a tv show which makes the programme more realistic and enjoyable!
More to the point Shenae Grimes always manages to look so simple and stylish where ever she goes from out running errands to coming out at night - she looks polished to perfection

What i love more about her is her hair! She always allows her hair to do its own thing as she is blessed with beach curled hair! I am yet to find the perfect way to create her kind of hair but when i do i will update you with how !
Click here for more information on the clothes mentioned in the above picture

All of the clothes used can be found regularly on the high street and these two outfits can be styled up with more silver accented jewellery and dressed down with more flowy layers.
This is why i love her style as is so casual but simply stunning

Do you like 90210?


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