Sunday, 26 June 2011

my dream wishlist


So i thought i'd share the five items on my dream wishlist. i feel that we all have dream items we all like to own but quite simply the money doesnt fit the bill. So i thought i would share the five things i would like if money was no object - fashion wise.

001) A Original Chanel Tote Bag

All of my life i have dreamt of owning one preferably the large original black one . To me they symbolise style originality and all great powers own one so naturally i would love to own one myself but not for power of course for style originality. As they can be worn with anyone and give you pure style - not just a tote i LOVE thier jewelery also a vintage chanel 'drip' necklace has always been another dream on mine to own.

002) Alexander Mcqueen Noir Faithful Boot
Quite simply the most stunning ankle boots i have ever seen in my live and no wonder as they are over a grand's worth of shoe comfort + style hopefully in size 7/6. The amount of intricate detail and the quite simply own an Alexander Mcqueen item would be outstanding to me and when i always log on to polyvore they are always on my homepage talking to me , if anyone like to get them for me i would seriously love you forever :L

003) Canon VS Nikon Camera
I simply dont know which one to own - i am going to get one for my birthday this year 31st August - helllo . But i have no clue what model to get cant be anything over £700 i think at the moment i dont know depends if its worth it . So if anyone could help me decide and pick one out for me would be deeply appreciated as i want to be able to take high quality photos as my current lumix is quite frankly crap. plus they look sort of cool dont they ;D

004)Black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Yes believe it or not i'm a car freak - girl version . to be honest i think this car is the most sexy car i have ever seen my entire life - i have seen one in person when i was on holiday in Italy 2 years ago ( even-though i go there every year) one of the staff of the hotel i go to - this was his car . I had to walk past it everyday and i did secretly give it a kiss one time , before you give me that look . . . who wouldn't ;)

005) A mansion in Monaco

Yes i know , i know i can dream right . but its in the perfect surroundings near italy of which i love and is the most expensive place to own any sort of home in - go figure right. Simply stunning but of curse i'd need the money to back that one up ... may need to rethink this one !

006) Louis Vuitton Bag
Yes you can gather i love my bags and this would be my main one to own and use . I have a very good fake of a tivoli gm ( very good actually just comparing ) but its still not the real so i'm not content , just yet. I am currently lusting over the Retiro GM model .

007) To find the one and only for me.
I havent completely found mr right just yet but its getting that way , but although this is important to me i'm just going to let this one happen by itself no need to buy this one!

But anyway that is my dream wishlist as of the moment. What is on your dream wishlist ?

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