Saturday, 25 June 2011

Beach Dreaming . . .

i'm back from my little day dream.

I made this as i had a dream lastnight of myself being back to my other land Italy. You must be thinking - what is she on ?! But i've have been to italy every single year ever since i was born ( technically whilst my mother was carrying me also ! ) and is like another home to me all the locals know us and we have always stayed at the same placed every-year for 5 years as our existing hotel was re-bulit into apartments - i wasn't very impressed. I could just see myself wearing this whilst walking along the promenade when i go out to lunch - aka the beach bar about 2 minutes away from our hotel and then catching a 'fragola crush' sort of like a slush puppy - but much nicer or even getting a ' milkshake a cioccolato ' which is 4 euros but the locals had said it will be 4000 this year as i always get one everyday without fail !

But anyway... you see how easy it is for me to get carried away about my beloved little place far far away. So without further ado here is the item list for this tropical beach look :

Item List :

Playsuit - Topshop £45.00
Shoes - Topshop £90.00
Ring- Topshop [ out of stock ]
Earrings - Topshop £7.50
Bracelet - H&M £0.99

What do you think of this look- leave a comment and let me know!


  1. beautiful summe! the mustache rules. :)

    kisses juli

  2. why thankyou :') haha yes you cant beat the all mighty tash . i just love them even-though i dont fancie growing myself - hahah.
    dont forget to follow this blog if you like my posts

    many thanks kisses eloise'xo

  3. wow i would love to go to italy/europe one day. so lucky!! thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment :) i hope you have a great week dear and welcome to the blogging world! xx

  4. id totally recommend italy it is simply a stunning place whatever part you visit. its no problem at all . why thankyou and to you too and thankyou- hopefully i will pick up some followers soon?!

  5. why thankyou :) hope to have this in my wardrobe very soon!