Thursday, 23 June 2011

Topshop Collection - Goldie


It me back from paris. joking i wish i was in paris right now , nope i'm stuck with crappy english weather. Typical that AFTER i finish my exams the weather turns back miserable - chucking it down with rain continually. But thats life for you.

Anyway today i'm gong to tell you abut a new concession collection which has hit topshop's website called goldie.

Like many of you i always have a nosey through the website to check out whats hip and happening when clothes from this collection particularly took to my liking. i'm a free soul when its comes to fashion so i'm interested when new prints and materials have been endorsed in new ways , so when i saw the typical 'ditsy flower' print reborn into a more rustic and antique colour i was immediately excited. Even more i'm a person who is currently lovin
g their playsuits( despite the weather - roll on italy holiday in August ) and their loose fit blouses. So this collection ticks all the right boxes for me personally. Here are a few key pieces i have picked out from the website to give you an idea on the collection + my personal favourites i will hopefully be purchasing ( if the wallet agrees that is)
This is my ultimate favourite from the collection and i absolutely love the colour scheme the dewy blue , cream and vintage gold - absolutely loving this will definitely purchasing this for summer and for my holiday - can't wait . I suggest this to girls with particularly blonde hair as this will really lighten it and make it pop against this colour scheme and will get you warmed up and beach ready.
Now what i love about these is the loose cut and the intricate detail on the cuff it just look effortless and high maintenance . With the extra added cord it employs a western edge which is perfect for both ss11 and will follow through into aw11. This can be styled so many ways layered with waterfall cardi necklace and pencil cut trousers or vintage skinny's so many looks for so many events - a true staple to own.

Now for this top i have seen similar in other stores such as warehouse and river island so you may be able to find a better deal, but i so truly love the amount of printed mixed with block colour at the top - just makes it pop and i'd assume once worn would give extra attention to any drop necklace ( above 16 inch) that extra bit of sugar loving !

This cape may not to be to everyones taste but to me its just to die for. I am loving the colour scheme and actual print of this its so unusual and will do all har colours justice especially those with highlights - can i get a woop woop here people?
although the cape drapes at each edge may put you off there is nothing to worry about to me its just like the drape on a dressing gown ( okay no its not ) but its equally as essential to this years style !

Lastly a chic essential this beige/brown top with the four simple lace stripes make this a little more edgy than an everyday top but makes it more versatile as it can be played up for the evening with some more sturdy trouser or even tucked into a bodycon skirt - *simples*

Now for the price as you all are probably aware topshop is accompanied by a little bit of a steep price tag- but to me that has never stopped me from buying their clothes ( my wardrobe is virtually all topshop) as i can honestly say these clothes are truly from a high quality and DO LAST a lifetime - lucky i haven't varied sizes little to at all so all of my clothes from last year still - thank god ( size 10 all round incase you were wondering ), fits so i honestly say although the price can make you question the clothing in general - nothing in my opinion should refrain you from buying quality items
As the wise old man always says ' quality not quantity'

So what do you think of this collection - let me know



  1. Love everything! I miss Top Shop :(

  2. I lovvvve that playsuit (one of my many obsessions!).
    I so wish we had a topshop here!

    Great blog lady.

    Liv <3

  3. @Gabrielle

    Why thank-you so much - be sure to follow . tried to walk over to your blog but blogger wouldnt allow me to access it :/


    haha thankyou so much - hey me and you both i laarve playsuits!
    Aww no i'll wish for you i couldnt live without topshop!
    do you have a blog for me to read - love to hear from you lovely lady :)
    thankyou so much for my first follower - means alot!

    Eloise <3