Tuesday, 25 June 2013

001 - If money was no object

Back again with another post . I've decided to create a series of posts which will be published once a week . This series will contain up to six items I would immediately own if money was no object. The rules for this series are simple, you cannot cannot repeat an item into another list. Seems simple, but once you've got your eyes set on purchasing one item, this series proves difficult!
Without further ado...
Here is my very first list!

 Due to finishing a-levels I finally get to relax and the outfits i wear should be no exception. This simple style would be perfect for festivals if you are attending any this year in the UK as I believe the first starts next week! So if money was no object i would run to topshop and buy this outfit I put together.

1) This rolled sleeve tee's topshop have in at the moment are uber comfortable , i already have one in a jade green colour, hence i would love to expand the collection of colours. Grey isnt a colour i would associate with the bright sun of summer however when i pair this with acid wash shorts and bright glasses, this outfit stands out.

2)This tribal ring is a typical choice for me.For one it is silver, I personally love wearing silver jewellery on the hands when you have a tan. Two it has such intricate detailing which will add an edge to any outfit.Little tip to stop this from giving you a green finger which most jewellery does after awhile, if you paint the inside of the ring with a layer of clear nail varnish, you'll avoid this!

3)I love the colour of the lens of these glasses. WIll make your world look very blue, reminds me of the song by Eiffel 65- Im Blue.This was my favourite song from my childhood which admittedly i still have on my itunes playlist!

4)Again i love the simplicity of this pendant necklace , with the silver and blue colouring. This against the grey will stand out and add another focal point to the outfit away from the glasses.

5) Acid wash jeans seem to be a re-occuring trend for summer outfits,this particular pair aren't too over done and will act as a staple piece in my summer wardrobe...once i buy them!

6)This year the style of sandals have been re-vamped, as most high-street pair have a slight platform to them which acts as a modest heel which is perfect for the transition from beach to bar, which i will be undertaking on holiday this year!

As you can tell all of these pieces are from Topshop.At this time of year i go through a phase of buying my whole wardrobe from a single store.This year will be no exception!

What would be your six items you would purchase right now if money was no object?! Love to hear from you , leave a comment below if you have enjoyed this post.
If you want to do this series yourself i tag all of you. Let me know if you do this in a comment below and I will give it a look. Until next time 



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