Tuesday, 25 June 2013

freedom at last

yes.....I have finally finished my education, well a-levels anyway. that one word 'alevel' in the past to years had brought tears to my eyes,excitement,pure fear and hope.If you have undertaken this you will understand my emotions towards this word. Before someone asks i took the following a-levels , Chemnistry,Biology,History and Business Studies ! Finally it is all over , all the hard work had been put to the test with my last exam being on the 20th June. Due to these exams the revision became paramount over my blog so apologies for that , but the good news is that I have no more exams so I can never use them as an excuse. Now I have the long wait to get my final results for , which is always fun....waiting to know your fate. As i'm not the most patient person I will be posting regularly to fill my time and to re-involve myself into the blogging community. 
Due to the exams finally being over forever at my boarding school we had a 'blow-out' day , which consisted of a foam pit and a neon party with all the extras.The party was long-awaited and was definitely worth all the hard work! Here are some admittedly horrid photos from the night.

showing the different colours of the neon paint.

subtle mug shot.

True to form got absolutely soaked in the foam pit, word of advice if you're ever going to go into one of these, don't get the foam in your eyes or your mouth. Seems relatively like common sense but when everyone dancing that becomes quite hard with the foam guns hitting you from two directions. The soap doesn't taste too good and does make your eyes tingle, which isn't great for contact wearers like myself. After-a-while the appeal of being drenched from head to toe wore off and I decided to go get ready for the club tropicana. Luckily I had some spare neon glow face paint from a previous holiday in greece so I got to use this and do the typical festival spots on my face. The difference being with mine they glowed and came up as different colours in different lighting conditions. This left all my friends in awe which made the night more fun for all. Unfortunately I have no idea where these were from as technically they belong to my older sister ... I wont tell if you don't!

Have you ever been to parties like this, let me know in the comments below. Sorry for this rambly post but I felt an update to my life was needed to re-start this blog again. 

Happy Summer 


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