Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites

hello everyone, so today thought id restart my monthly favourites series. Due to finally finishing my a-level so the 20th I haven't had time for an extensive make-up looks. From this you can tell my favourites will be five items i use everyday and i couldn't replace with alternatives.

Neals Yard Moisturiser

If you read my beauty blog you would you I was a massive fan of the Orange Flower version of the daily cream. Unfortunately at my nearest Neals Yard counter they have stopped stocking it! This made me very upset as its the only cream i had found which was light enough and sunk straight into the skin without leaving a greasy residue , which would ultimately result on breaking out with spots. So naturally for the medium price tag , I needed to find an alternative fast. On the day of shopping they in-fact had no moisturisers which suited my skin type. Luckily that day on the train home I stopped to get a  chocolate mocha, as you know and stumbled across a Magazine which contained a Neals Yard moisturiser. Naturally i bought it straight away! Found this moment almost like fate as this is how i found out about my Orange Flower moisturiser as it was included as a free gift in a Red magazine. Since then i have been using it everyday, as occasionally i get a dry nose and chin. However the only thing i could be picky about is that the scent is very odd, and it partially feels abit tingly. Which some people may like but personally the sensations lasts a little bit longer than i'd like. Nevertheless this cream had saved me when i was out of luck so for that it has been a favourite of mine this month.Especially as this brand ethos is to contain no parabens or any other nastiness. 

Flora by Gucci Perfume

After finishing my Original Chloe ( to my mothers relief, she hated the perfume ) and Gilly Hicks Perfume i thought it was time to branch out of my comfort zone and find another. In fact my mother treated me to it which is always an added bonus.This perfume is a tad on the pricey side especially for the size but I think its worth it. The scent is very unique and is not floral to me at all. When i hear a perfume described, I immediately think of a heavy fragrance worn my an ageing lady ( sorry for that vivid imagery) . This perfume is nothing like that...thankfully.  The website describes the fragrance as 'The core of this fragrance is composed of both rose and osmanthus flower, a rare and delicate bloom originating in China. Fresh citrus and peony are used as a top note, which impart a sensual youthfulness. These sweeter notes are reigned in by a powerful base composed of sandalwood and patchouli, signatures of the Gucci fragrance world.'
Before considering purchasing this I suggest you go try some on your wrist and then go out for awhile as i know this particular fragrance changed alot on my mothers skin as we both tried it at the same time. You can purchase this perfume at Boots here


After finishing my Chanel mascara which i was surprisingly disappointed with , especially for the price I thought it was time to return to some high-street alternatives. I purchased the mascara after realising it was sponsored by Made In Chelsea  *sad i know*. This mascara has a plastic applicator which sometimes can be horrid but this one is very good at grabbing each lash and extending them. THis mascara is definitely a lengthening not a volumising mascara. But i feel if you curl your lashes beforehand which is what I do when I want to put a little more effort into my look, one coat seems to hold the curl in place which is great. The formula of this mascara is not wet and doesn't sting your eyes which is an added bonus, especially for contact wearers! Overall if your in need of another mascara anytime soon i'd recommend checking this one out.

Gilly Hicks Splash Perfume Raspberry Opal

What attracted me to this perfume in the Gilly Hicks store was the colour. If you know me i'm not a typical girly girl , i'm not that much of a fan of pink colours.So when this teal colour was displayed I was automatically drawn in. Normally my favourite splash perfume they have is ' Pyrmont Blue ' and unfortunately this perfume isn't as good, but this being said they are two different type of fragrances which cannot be compared together.The reason why this one is my favourite is because of the fragrance itself.Like all splash perfume they have a very light fragrance which is great for summer as you don't want to wear a too heavy scent. This perfume smell reminds exactly of summer slightly fruity but with a hint of vanilla almost.The website sates the main three tones in the perfume are Passion Fruit, Water Lilly and Apricot. As you can tell form the photograph, these perfumes are absolutely massive which is a-mazing especially for the price with them only being £20.Due to the size they do last you a long time so its excellent value for money especially when our pay rises aren't in line with inflation!  You can buy this fragrance here

No7 Lip Colour

In summer I don't want to have the hassle of worrying to re-apply a strong lip colour in the panic that is doesn't fade equally. This is the reason why I bought this lip colour, aswell as the fact I had some vouchers soon to expire. This colour is a very natural lip colour (sorry cannot find name of it anywhere) which i love as once applied is adds a slight more polished look to the lips. Also is a very light formula which has its benefits and drawbacks.The benefit of which is fades equally and moisturises which is great in the heat! However it does mean you go through the lipstick rather quickly which reminds me of the typical YSL lipsticks which have a similar formula. Although there is a limited colour range in this collection i feel the colours available are all suited for summer so are worth a looksie next time you're in Boots!

So what are your five favourites for the month? Let me know in a comment below.
                           P.S = Please do not take my photos and use them as your own!      Thanks!  -ELOISE

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