Wednesday, 26 June 2013

M.A.C Cosmetics All About Orange Collection

Hi warriors. As a true M.A.C fan I was quite excited when I heard about the new M.A.C Collection All About Orange collection. Immediately I knew I had to go see the collection for myself in a store so off I went. The promotional image and introduction for the collection is shown below.

'Orange. Its vibrant energy and modern edge ignites fashion and beauty big time in Korea, Asia and the world. It’s one of the new global super shades that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication. M•A•C loves a colour with international impact and has translated the trend into a makeup collection for face, lips and nails. From Nail Lacquer in Sweet Pop to sizzling Tangerine Dream Lipstick – it’s an homage to orange.'

As soon as I entered the store i knew I had to tell Zoella from her blog as a good follower of hers from the beginning from when her blog was called Schoee and now her youtube channel, she loves orange lipsticks. As soon as i saw the colour 'Tart and Trendy' I knew I had to send her a tweet! My twitter is @mystylewarrior feel free to follow and tweet me! 

Other than this i found most of the colours were quite plain and easily replicable, especially the nail polishes and blush! However one more item which caught my eye was the eyeshadow palette 'Rainy Season' which wasn't orange !

Unlike most eyeshadow quads which come out with new collection 3 out of the 4 colours are new and I couldn't think of any similar colours to them. The four colour are as follow
*Artic Grey
*Courtly Grey
*Typographic (permanent)
*Rainy Season
My favourite colour form this quad was the Courtly Grey as it is a cool matte colour and its very hard to find such a colour which isn't very chalky in consistency. This colour would be very useful to blend edges which creating a smokey eye or even to smudge out black kohl eyeliner. 

However out for the whole collection, the key ones to look out for would definitely be the lipstick and the eyeshadow quad mentioned above. However i feel most make-up addicts may pass upon the quad as grey colours are easily found elsewhere.
Overall I was very impressed with the collection and thought the promotional image was much better than previous ones as the image itself its too cluttered which is always nice. I may return to get the lipstick but other than that , the collection is a pass for me.

Did you get anything form this collection? Let me know in a comment below.

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